We are an official branch of the Manchester City Supporters’ Club (OSC). If you have been in a branch before we offer similar services, albeit scaled-down as we are a small branch. Currently, we:

  • can arrange car shares to home games
  • organise travel (taxi or minibus) to local away games when there is demand
  • meet socially for some away games and watch the match on a big screen
  • meet occasionally for social outings as a branch such as Christmas, end of season and start of season
  • very occasionally arrange player or trophy visits

If you wish to join you can do so online by filling in the form below. We prefer online registrations but you may join at any branch meeting. By joining the East Lancs Blues you are obliged to ensure the details are correct to the best of your knowledge and you are agreeing to the terms of the East Lancs Blues Constitution.


Type of Branch Membership
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